'Obelisk Korp' is a Macedonian company producing meat and meat products. It has invested more than 20 years in developing its successful model which offers high-quality products and services for its clients. The company works in various fields, however, in the past ten years has mainly concentrated on the import of meat products packaged in aluminum foil and canned goods produced by various companies in Serbia. The company’s most recent step forward was investment in its own production line for pâté and luncheon meat. The production process is organized according to the highest standards and requirements of the HACCP system for production of cured products packaged in aluminum foil or canned. The result of this investment has been the development of the Kralska pâté brand, having exceptional quality combined with a rich aroma and full taste. Since its foundation, Obelisk Korp has been devoted to policies of quality, efficiency and prompt reaction to the needs of its clients. The company is open for cooperation at any time.

Address and Phone:

Ul”krivi Dol” BB 1000 Skopje

Tel: 02/3097-175

FAX: 02/3097-023