Obelisk Korp company, in this work procedure has attempted and succeeded to find a new formulation of the technological process and a change of Nutritional values of one type of meat product with the aim of obtaining a better and healthier product, ie , better, with less fat and more secure for the health of consumers. In the final test results obtained are as follows:

New product Example of comparison 1 Example of comparison 2 The difference
proteins (%) 18.080 19.540 20.143 1.46 – 2.063
fat (%) 13.630 22.315 27.450 8.685 – 13.82
starch (%) 1.14 1.115 1.01 0.025
ash (%) 0.915 0.986 1.050 0.071 – 0.135

This shows that we managed to obtain a product (a new type of PATE) which is with approximately 50% less fat than other products on the market, which makes it much healthier for consummation and use, and keep the other already-known characteristics of this type of product.